Jan Jensen is an abstract expressionist painter and sculptor who has lived on the Sunshine Coast since 1992. Childhood years spent living in Europe with her family and adult years of teaching in the public school system developed Jensen’s observation of, and appreciation for, the many layers and perspectives in the various cultures in which she has lived. Exploration of the ever shifting energy of those relationships and how it all moves and connects in the natural world has been core to Jensen’s art practice. Her work is also influenced by her love of movement, her cultivated garden and the surrounding untamed mountains and ocean.

Two dimensional works are created with layers of media, some persisting through many layers while others disappear. Finished pieces reflect the complexity of Jensen’s creative process while at the same time emanating a sense of stillness flowing through motion in space. Translucence and movement are key aspects of her work.

She creates installations using painting and sculptural elements in non-conventional ways. The installations speak to the complexity of individual and group perspectives and how they interact and shift. The interactive nature of the installations evoke constantly evolving perspectives for both the artist and the viewer.

Jensen studied Fine Art at Fraser Valley University, then spent a transformative year at the Banff Centre. Her large-scale installations have been exhibited in galleries across Canada, including Walter Phillips Gallery at the Banff Centre, Cartwright Street Gallery in Vancouver, and the Burlington Cultural Centre in Burlington, Ontario. New two dimensional works have recently been shown in the Gibsons Public Art Gallery, Sechelt’s Doris Crowston Gallery and the Maple Ridge Act Art Gallery.