I’ve probably been playing with certain aspects of this series for quite some time, but my attention to it has solidified in the last 6 months. I’ve always known that my energy is affected by changes in the weather, just as my gardens or the nearby woods are affected. I love watching the response of living things (including me and my fellow humans) to changing environmental forces, however they show up. My personal way of processing is extrapolating the immediate sights and sensations to however far my imagination can take them. Hence, the abstract expressive nature of my paintings.

The small paintings below are studies and moments of play where I explore elements of my internal and external landscapes. As personal as they are to me, they also express some universal truths of flow. 

Here is a somewhat rare chance to own a smaller, matted study for a larger piece from my collection. Click here to access these works on paper for sale in my shop. ($105-115 CAD)

Find these paintings and more in the Works on Paper section of my shop.

Jan Jensen standing among her translucent painted banners

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