Inspired by the energy of natural and personal landscapes


I’m Jan – a painter, a sculptor, a collage enthusiast and an art-of-all-kinds lover.

I live and play on the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia, Canada where there is

an abundance of awe-inspiring vistas to ignite my creative spirit.

Here’s where you can see my work in person for the fall of 2022:

1. Dances On Air: Oct 6 – Nov 10 An Installation at the Sunnycrest Mall, Gibsons. LOOK UP!
I’ll have 24 painted acetate banners installed in the giant skylight at the center of the mall. It will be so cool to see the effects of the changing light as these banners drift in the air currents!

2. Facets of Flow: Oct 5 – Dec 8 at the Gibsons Public Market
These recent pieces mostly have a landscape influence. From extra large to tiny, from paper to canvas to wood, from acrylic to resin – there’s quite a range of expression to intrigue your eyes.

3. Present Tense: Dec 8 – 23 at GPAG in Gibsons, BC                                                                                                 I’ll be displaying one of my Winged Series pieces in this group show.

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