Sunshine Coast 2019 Art Crawl  –  October 18, 19, 20

Presently basking in the glow of a wonderful weekend!

Thanks to all the Crawlers who braved the rain and supported the artists of the Sunshine Coast.

Some of the glow is reflected in the sold stickers on the paintings below . . .

In The Vortex
24×24    acrylic on canvas    $425  SOLD

Celestial Osmosis
24×24    acrylic on canvas    $425 SOLD

Botanical Bliss
36×36    acrylic on canvas    $1,000  SOLD

Leviathans Dancing
30×24   acrylic and collage on canvas  $500  SOLD

Bloomin Evolution
24×24   acrylic on canvas  $425  SOLD

From The Bower
18×24   acrylic and collage on canvas   $375  SOLD

If you would like a virtual tour please contact me and we'll set up a Zoom time just before or during the Art Crawl weekend.

Jan Jensen standing among her translucent painted banners

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