I’ve always been interested in visual art: looking at it, making it, living with it.

I haven’t always been an active artist though. I grew up thinking that art could only be a hobby, so I drew the odd drawing and that was it. In early adulthood, I was rebellious enough to go to art school and become a practicing artist. I studied Fine Art at Fraser Valley University and spent a transformative year at the Banff School of Fine Arts. That experience led me to large scale installation work that I exhibited in galleries across Canada. Then marriage, children and life intervened and pushed it all to the back burner.

Over the last few years my inner wild child has guided me back onto my artist’s path.

My paintings express my experience of being … the emotions and the sensations of the emotions – that sky, those leaves – the sensations of a winter/summer day, the sensations of moving through life … while leaving most of the details to your imagination.

It doesn’t matter how many layers there are, or what I cover up, the images and effects that are meant to be shown will show in the end. So nothing matters but the process, and for me, the process is play, exploration, sensory delight and evolution.

My process often follows this route:
~ Making marks and mucking up the canvas come first;
~ then the dance of appreciation;
~ play and push (pushing through the uncomfortable bits by playing with colour, texture, line, contrast) …
until the rhythm of the story reveals itself.

I work mostly in acrylics in my larger pieces, though occasionally found objects from my beach walks, garden or bits left over from other art projects find their way into a piece. I welcome whatever wants to play with me.

I definitely like the feeling idea of living – eating – gardening – moving outside in ways that I love AND being a mad artist cooking up visual alchemy deep in my studio.

I so enjoy being both a part of the vibrant community of artists here on the Sunshine Coast of BC, and a member of the Thrive Art Studio.

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