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                           “My paintings are abstract expressions of the power of flow, of growth and growing things. They’re energy maps tracking                             change, stillness and disruption – commenting on the natural world’s birth, flourishing, and extinction phases.”


Jan Jensen holding a large paint brush and smiling in her studio


  Jan Jensen is an abstract expressionist painter and sculptor who has lived on the Sunshine Coast since 1992.

Childhood years spent living in Europe with her family and adult years of teaching in the public school system developed Jensen’s observation of, and appreciation for, the many layers and perspectives in the various cultures in which she has lived. Exploration of the ever shifting energy of those relationships and how it all moves and connects in the natural world has been core to Jensen’s art practice.

Her work is also influenced by her love of movement, her cultivated garden and the surrounding untamed mountains and ocean.


   Jensen’s process is play-based exploration. It all begins as an experiment –  “my inner wild child joyfully dancing about”

It becomes a dance of appreciation as media and imagination call and respond until a compelling story reveals itself in the interplay of colours, textures, and lines – metaphors for the energies they express. She works in acrylics along with charcoal, pastels and collage on canvas, wood panels and acetate film. She creates installations using painting and sculptural elements in non-conventional ways. The installations speak to the complexity of individual and group perspectives and how they interact and shift.

Jensen luxuriates in her life with family and friends:                 teaching Nia, gardening, walking, hiking in the forests  AND being a mad artist cooking up visual alchemy deep in her studio.


Jan Jensen carrying one of her paintings and smiling





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