Artist Statement

I view the world through a kaleidoscope of energy flowing in layers: shifting apart, creating space then reconfiguring in a new pattern, creating different spaces. New perspectives are constantly being birthed and the evolving connections are fuel for my creative projects. I am also fueled by many years of teaching Nia, an holistic movement practice.

I paint the energy of trees or the moon,

I paint the energy of devastation and delight.

I paint the exhilaration of taking a flying leap in the dance of life.

Sometimes there are collisions.

My collisions have fed my curiosity about layers of flow, the spaces between and what influences it all.

In the sculptural realm I’m intrigued by what happens when layers of images are teased apart and pulled into three dimensional configurations. How does perspective shift from within the piece and how does the outer environment shift those perspectives? The installations I create become metaphors: stories of birth, shifting connections and constant evolution.



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Jan Jensen standing among her translucent painted banners

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