I’ve been playing with this idea of layers of paintings on transparent acetate banners for over a year now. I like the sense of layers and translucency and space … and I LOVE that these pieces turn in the currents of whatever is happening around them.

My explorations have coalesced into DANCES ON AIR, an installation of 24 banners floating in a giant skylight at the Sunnycrest Mall in Gibsons, BC. There are many stories of glitches (the finishing edges) and interesting turns (how to get paint to stick to acetate) in the production of this piece. Isn’t that so often the way of things? Even the installation had it’s challenges, and, with the so important help of my artist friends, we did it. It’s UP!

Here’s part of the installation process: 




You can view DANCES ON AIR and the rest of my work at the following venues.

All of it is on the Sunshine Coast of BC, Canada, for the months of October and November.

1. The shortest show: Oct 21-23 Sunshine Coast Art Crawl
Venue 107 in Sechelt in my Garage Gallery
Here I’ll be showing a lot of the new Winged Series, from large to small Art Gems (remember the resin pieces) I’m excited to share this newest work!

2. Dances On Air: Oct 6 – Nov 10 An Installation at the Sunnycrest Mall. LOOK UP!
I’ll have 24 painted acetate banners installed in the giant skylight at the center of the mall. It will be so cool to see the effects of the changing light as these banners drift in the air currents!

3. Facets of Flow: Oct 5 – Dec 8 at the Gibsons Public Market
These recent pieces mostly have a landscape influence. From extra large to tiny, from paper to canvas to wood, from acrylic to resin – there’s quite a range of expression to intrigue your eyes.

If you would like a virtual tour please contact me and we'll set up a Zoom time just before or during the Art Crawl weekend.

Jan Jensen standing among her translucent painted banners

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