The power of growing things has always inspired me. I’ve spent years painting my appreciation of natural life on the West Coast and in my garden. I think of my paintings as energy maps, abstract expressions of the currents comprising life. They track change, stillness, flow, and disruption, commenting on the natural world’s birth, flourishing, and extinction phases.


It all begins as experimental play – my inner ‘wild’ child joyfully dancing about in my creative garden. It becomes a dance of appreciation as the media and my imagination call and respond until a compelling story reveals itself in the interplay of colours, textures, and lines. I work mostly in acrylics in my larger pieces, though occasionally found objects from my beach walks, garden or bits left over from other art projects find their way into a piece.

 If you wish to purchase a painting I will happily ship a piece to you. I will search for the best options for your location and send you the information ASAP by email. Please note that colours may differ slightly when viewed on a screen.



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