I’m delighted to be one of three Sunshine Coast artists featured in the Summer 2021 issue of ZOOM magazine.

This Collector’s Issue commemorates 10 years of the gorgeous magazine
celebrating art and life on the Sunshine Coast. What a thrill!

You can view the online issue here. I’m on page 25 ?


Jan Jensen’s paintings are full of motion and a delicate interplay between line and washes of colour that bring to mind mesmerizing everyday things like laundry on a line, meadow grass in the breeze, or the powerful stillness of a cocoon. “I think of my paintings as energy maps, abstract expressions of the currents comprising life.” … Walks, solitude, gardening, and immersion in nature guide and fuel her artistic practice here on the Sunshine Coast. And it is always energy and flow that draws her attention. “I am intrigued by flow, its universality, its power and its intricacies-”

– exurpt from Zoom magazine 2021 summer collectors issue




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Jan Jensen standing among her translucent painted banners

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